Org chart: organizing range levels


I would like to visually organize some positions in the same level, like all the managers, leaders, coordinators, and operatives. 


Shanna S
Lucid Manager

Hi Karla, thanks for posting in the community! I am sorry for not being able to respond in Spanish, and I hope I can help you in English.

You can manually move employees to a different level, instructions to do so can be found in our Org Charts article. Please note that moving employees to a different level will bring their direct reports with them. 

Find below a machine-translated version of my response just in case this may facilitate our communication. Feel free to respond in Spanish or English.


Puede mover manualmente a los empleados a un nivel diferente; las instrucciones para hacerlo se pueden encontrar en nuestro artículo Organigramas. Tenga en cuenta que mover a los empleados a un nivel diferente traerá sus informes directos con ellos.


Me gustaría saber si puedo organizar los niveles o el rango de las posiciones en un mismo nivel de manera visual