Agile Product Management | Lucidspark

Micah B
Lucid Manager

Learn how to break down large bodies of work into manageable tasks that can be visualized, documented and prioritized in the product backlog using Lucidspark.

Product management can be challenging when you’re trying to translate the business strategy into actionable tasks that create value for customers. Establishing the goals, tasks needed to achieve those goals, and visualizing how they all feed into the backlog is crucial for these projects to cross the finish line successfully. This course demonstrates how Lucidspark allows teams to visualize, ideate, iterate, and prioritize the product backlog for a more strategic product delivery. If you haven't had the the chance to complete this course yet, you can register and find additional details on the Lucid Training Labs course page

Have additional questions about:

  • Creating user story maps to break down larger projects?
  • Ideating and iterating from user feedback to shape the backlog?
  • Visualizing and prioritizing your product backlog?

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