Lucidchart ERD Field Problems


When I am editing one field in an entity, other fields get deleted or updated. If I double-click on some fields, say to change their name, they revert to "Field". I retype the name, but then they delete to blank later. If I hit "undo", a different field from the same entity may be put in it's place. What is going on?


Adam Y
Lucid Manager

Hi Doug,

Thanks for posting in the Lucid Community. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your ERD. We have not received other reports of this occurring from users, and I have not yet been able to reproduce. We'd like to help troubleshoot this with you individually so I've created a support ticket for you. Please refer to that thread for further correspondence. 


Hello, I am having the same issue. Was there a resolution to this problem?

Abigail M
Lucid Manager

Hi Brittany, thanks for continuing this thread! We have resolved a few ERD bugs since your post -- would you mind confirming whether the issue is still occurring?

Please also try the following:

  • Open your document in an incognito window and confirm whether you are able to reproduce the issue.
  • Open your document in an alternate browser and confirm whether you are able to reproduce the issue.
  • Can you try toggling WebGL off? This can be done by going to View > Rendering > Use WebGL and un-selecting this option.

If you are still seeing problems, please submit a support ticket so we can gather more information and assist you directly. Thank you!