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Hi, I'm new to Lucid and new to the community. I'm a psychotherapist in Austin, Texas and am using Lucid to create a mind map for training. I've tried multiple mind map apps and have yet to find one that allows me to create an interactive document with a hover effect for the user. I'd like users to be able to hover over a link or shape on the map and have that area magnified, without having to mouse wheel to enlarge the entire document. This seems like a pretty straightforward feature but I don't see it available in any of the products I've tried. Is it a possibility in either Lucidspark or Lucidchart?

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Shanna S
Lucid Manager

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for posting in the Lucidchart Community! 

Unfortunately, it's currently not possible to magnify sections of your diagram by hovering over, rather than by manually zooming in on the entire diagram. To simplify your mind map and focus on particular sections, you can utilize our expand and collapse branches functionality - for more details please refer to our Mind Maps article.

While what you are trying to do is not currently supported in Lucidchart, we are continuously looking for how to make our product more useful and effective for our users, and your feedback is the best way for us to do that. Would you mind adding your suggestion to our feature request form? The development team highly values users' ideas submitted to this form when prioritizing improvement to the product! Thanks!