Reverse Design of Layers


I want to create my entire chart first, then be able to select images, lines, etc. for my layers. Since my complete chart has many images and I am laying it out as I learn more about the project and new images and their connections it would help to lay it all out first then create the layers.  How can I do this?

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Abby S
Lucid Manager

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for posting in the community! You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Create your diagram as desired on the main page
  2. Open the layers panel (View > Layers)
  3. Select the content that you would like to have moved onto your first layer
  4. Use Ctrl+X or Cmd+X to cut this content
  5. Add a layer or click into an existing layer that you would like the content to be on
  6. Use Ctrl+V or Cmd+V to paste the content

This will move the content from its original location on the main page of the document into that same position on the desired layer.

Hope this helps!