Welcome to the Lucid Community!


Welcome to the Lucid Community!  All users are welcome here and are invited to ask product questions, connect with others, and share tips, best practices, and solutions.

I’m new here. How do I get started?

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here, and we can’t wait to support you and see what you’re working on!

To start, we recommend introducing yourself here, checking out our FAQs and Lucid Community Guidelines, and reading through the Community Overview below. 


The Lucid Community homepage is composed of several different sections that connect you to different areas of the community and resources. 

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  • Announcements and Community Information: Read about the latest feature releases and bug fixes and stay up to date with the Community and our products. 
  • Lucidchart: Ask Lucidchart product and integration questions, submit feature requests, and find admin and account management help.
  • Lucidspark: Ask Lucidspark product and integration questions and submit feature requests. 
  • Lucidscale: Ask Lucidscale product questions and submit feature requests.
  • Events and Webinars: See event and webinar details, RSVP, and interact with other attendees. 
  • Lucid Training Labs: Keep practicing the skills you learn in Lucid Training Labs and find the best solutions for your use case.
  • Spanish Community: Dedicated forum for product support and information in Spanish. 
  • Portuguese Community: Dedicated forum for product support and information in Portuguese. 

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  • Recent: See the most recently created posts in the Lucid Community.
  • Help Others: See posts that haven’t been answered yet and share your expertise.


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Who else is here?

In addition to your fellow diagrammers, you’ll see posts from Lucid’s community moderation team. Any post or comment made by a Lucid employee is denoted by a Community Manager badge.

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