Community FAQs

Micah B
Lucid Manager

What conversations are happening in the Lucid Community?

Our ultimate goal is to support the work you are doing in Lucidchart, Lucidspark and Lucidscale. Discussions should help you learn, accomplish new things, and connect with other users and ideas. Specifically, we love to see conversations about:

  • Product and integration questions
  • Enterprise administration and user management
  • Best practices, tips, and tricks
  • Your use cases, approaches to different problems and projects, solutions, and goals
  • Feedback about Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale and ideas for improvement
  • Events, thought leadership, webinars, trainings, and other resources relating to visual collaboration


I’m experiencing a problem and need assistance. Can I get that in the Lucid Community?

Absolutely! Our Community team is equipped to quickly address and troubleshoot any product questions or issues you may have. We also recommend taking a look at our Help Center for step-by-step instructions and detailed information on all product features and account management. 

However, due to the unique and private nature of questions relating to billing, subscriptions, charges, cancellations, and refunds, we do not address questions relating to these subjects in the community. Please contact our support team directly here for assistance; doing otherwise will delay your response time. 

Are there any rules for posting?

The Community’s goal is to provide a platform that fosters creativity and collaboration and helps users find solutions, regardless of skill level or use case. We expect all posts and comments to support this goal by 1) remaining relevant to Lucid products, 2) respecting other users, 3) refraining from vulgar, inappropriate, or negative language, and 4) adhering to the Lucid Community Guidelines. Posts that violate these criteria will be removed, and we also reserve the right to ban any user who make such posts or comments.

What should I do if I see an inappropriate or rude comment? 

Don’t hesitate to let us know by sending the URL of the post to We will urgently take a look at the comment and take appropriate action to ensure the Lucid Community remains safe and constructive. 

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